Calm | Unwind | Refresh

The ultimate getaway from stress. A harmonious passage of the senses with this fusion of Sound Therapy Facial, Bioregulation Therapy, and Foot Reflexology. Unlock the doors to serenity with innovative, holistic technologies, lush soundscapes, intuitive massage techniques and organic skincare. Aromatherapy further purifies the mind and body. Radiant restoration is yours from the very first touch.

3 hours | $199

save $50 with the package



Detoxify | Recover | Energize

A cleaning journey like none other. Do you need to detoxify from a cold, harsh environment, or stressful situation in life? Let the Samsara package be your guide to a healthier, reinvigorated self. Gua Sha Skin Detox, Bioregulation Therapy, and Facial Massage unite tradition and science for a meaningful treatment. Feel your personal energies strengthened through increased circulation, toxin removal, and a centered emotional-physical equilibrium. Awaken with new clarity from the inside out!

3 hours | $219

save $70 with the package



 Balance | Restore | Revitalize

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang celebrate the many dualities found within our universe. This package offers a blissful escape inspired by the renewing power of symmetry. Gua Sha and the Sound Therapy Facial pair beautifully to create an unforgettable, nourishing experience complemented by Foot Reflexology. Incredible sound settings produce a gentle calm as the mind awakens. The body will be detoxified to support your good health through recharging indulgence. Embark on a luxurious path to a healthier, happier you!

3.5 hours | $259

save $84 with the package



Heal | Rejuvenate | Renew

A dream of perfect tranquillity come true. Nirvana, in Buddhist thought, is liberation from all suffering— a state of enlightened happiness and peace. More than a treatment package, the sensations encountered during this cathartic journey will uplift the mind, body, and spirit beyond compare. Gua Sha, the Sound Therapy Facial, Bioregulation Therapy, and Foot Reflexology comforts merge into one heavenly gift. Extensive skin purification unchains the body from unwanted toxins for inner and outer resonance. Meanwhile, richly transformative facial massages soothe the soul as external tensions melt away. The mind will be transported to a personal paradise for superlative clarity, revitalization, and focus. A culmination of our services; the zenith of pleasure at our spa for you or your loved ones. Nirvana is here!

4 hours | $299

save $119 with the package